Vanessa Wallace is excited to be part of the Water Dog Ambassador team!  As an alumni of Notre Dame de Namur University and an avid runner, she’s elated to be part of this wonderful event which brings the sport of running to Belmont.  Though a fan of longer distance, Vanessa has run everything from the 5k to the ultramarathon and loves celebrating finish lines with all athletes. She looks forward to cheering all participants on this Fall at the 2nd annual race!  You can follow Vanessa on her community Facebook page:  Welcome to the PACK, Vanessa! 💚💙


Melissa has been running since 2013 and so far completed nine marathons, four ultras and numerous 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons. She’s currently training for her fifth ultra - North Face Endurance Challenge 50k in November. Through running, she has met so many amazing people and loves watching others reach their running and fitness goals. When she’s not running she loves traveling, reading, spending time with family and friends and going on fun adventures with her puppy Kai.  Welcome to the PACK, Melissa!💚💙


Shannon has been running off and on for 10 years and states,  "I am still not quite ready to commit to a full marathon though I’m pretty sure it’s in my future", says Shannon.  "I can only ever seem to manage 3 half’s in a year but 10Ks are great. I’m a slow and steady girl and since I live in Redwood Shores, the hills are a big challenge for me. I have many favorite races because I’ve met lots of great people who make it fun to go hang out and exercise!" Shannon has two young kiddos and volunteers with many local organizations. Because of her generosity with her time, she  is around Belmont all the time.   Like with most of us, finding time to run can be another big challenge.   Welcome to the PACK, Shannon! 💚💙


Matt states, "Running the The Belmont Water Dog race is a homecoming! I started running 50 years ago in elementary school at the Millbrae Lions Turkey Trot. I ran cross country and track at Burlingame Intermediate and Mills High School. (Including races on Belmont’s Hallmark course!) In college, I ran a couple of seasons of Division III cross country and track at Macalester College. Five years ago a new running partner here in Sacramento was training for a marathon, a long-time bucket list item. I have since gone the distance 10 times. Now my daughter, Talia, is a CC and track runner." Welcome to the PACK, Matt! 💚💙


Michelle began running in 2013 as a way to raise funds for animals and registered for her first half marathon through Team ASPCA.  "Little did  I know, I would quickly become addicted to my newfound hobby and it would provide me with the pathway to recovery as a struggling alcoholic.  I have since completed 4 marathons, 30 half marathons and numerous races of varying distances. Although it has been a bumpy road, I now have approximately 4 years of sobriety thanks to running and I am so grateful for all the new friends I have made through this newfound passion".  Michelle, Welcome to the PACK! 💚💙


Meet Ramona!  Ramona shares, "I’ve been running since 2013. Through my adolescence and young adulthood I was not very active. Until I hit my 30s. At that point I decided to make a number of changes in my lifestyle to get healthy and be happier. I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles. One thing I found that created balance in my life was running. Being able to run and be active has brought me closer to family and I have also created lifelong bonds with others in the running community. Many new friendships were made and I’m so very thankful. Running is truly my happy place. The joy it brings is something I want to share with everyone. I also participate in Spartan Obstacle Races. Anything that keeps me active is worth giving a shot. I’m up for new adventures all the time. I’m a health advocate and participate in my local run club, Pacifica Runners, organizing races and events for the local community, as well as taking on numerous volunteer activities in San Mateo County."  Welcome to the PACK, Ramona! 💚💙


Meet Ann!  Ann shares, "I just turned 61—but, doesn’t look a day over 50.  LOL". Ann is a single-mom to her 17-year old daughter, Alexandra.   In 2017 and 2018, Ann lost 90 pounds and started a fitness program that began by walking a very slow 24 minutes everyday for a month-long challenge in 2017.  This turned into a serious training regime, with the that same 2018 month-long challenge met by walking 15,000 steps daily. Ann now takes boxing classes, and is determined to start running in 2019!  Ann struggles with finding her “happy” pace during a group run/walk, but loves cheerleading others.  Welcome to the PACK, Ann! 💚💙


I am Karen and I am a 64 year old runner. I am not fast and am always a back of the pack runner, but that is okay by me. Running is therapeutic in so many ways mentally, physically, emotionally and I truly believe it keeps you from aging. It has allowed me to form some great friendships and move on in life after becoming a widow 3 years ago. I work as a litigation secretary and hope to retire in two years. I love running races. I find that runners in general are so supportive and encouraging to be around. I have been blessed with an awesome 30 year old son. I am looking forward to participating in the The Belmont Water Dog Run and meeting as many of you as possible!  Welcome to the PACK, Karen! 💚💙


My name is Kathleen. I am from the Central Coast. Kathleen shares, "Our household has a little zoo, including fosters through Heading Home Animal Rescue. I’ve never been super athletic, but I’ve always enjoyed shooting hoops, skateboarding, and rollerblading. I’ve had some health issues since adolescence, and I’m a big advocate for getting outside to maintain symptoms and wellness. As I’ve gotten older, my fitness interests have expanded to include long walks and strength training- but I still love skating rinks! In addition to being an ambassador for The Belmont Water Dog Run, I am an ambassador for Honey Stinger and Mermaid Series".  Welcome to the PACK, Kathleen! 💚💙